Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners Rewards and Milestones

Hot Rod Partners is taking center stage in Monopoly Go. And if you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping, buckle up for the ride! This month long event features a myriad of collaboration and rewards that’ll make your head spin! Much like previous partner events such as Valentine’s Partners, you will need to collect tokens, spin the wheel and win to claim  prizes. As you embark on this new event, hear the engines roar and see the designs fly until March 12th, 2024.

You may ask, how this event differs from past events? The goal seems to be the same: Players must find partners, accumulate tokens and claim rewards… but have you seen them? It’s going to be worth it!

Partner Event Milestones and Rewards:

Milestone 1

  • Points Needed: 2,500
  • Rewards: 200 Dice Rolls

Milestone 2

  • Points Needed: 8,500
  • Rewards: Cash

Milestone 3

  • Points Needed: 21,500
  • Rewards: 200 to 300 Dice Rolls, Cash Prize

Milestone 4

  • Points Needed: 48,000
  • Rewards: 300 to 500 Dice Rolls, Blue Sticker Pack containing one guaranteed 4 star sticker. High Roller event

Milestone 5

  • Points Need: 80000
  • Rewards: 400 to 600 Dice Rolls, Cash, Purple Sticker Pack containing one guaranteed 5 star sticker.

Grand Prize Milestone

Won Grand Price of 5000 free dice in just 3 hours
  • Points Needed: 3,20000
  • Rewards: 5,000 Dice Rolls, A Diamond Dragster board token, and a Wild Sticker

Token Collection and Event Participation

The Hot Rod Partners event introduces its own set of collectible tokens, which players can acquire through various methods

  • Landing on specific tiles on  board
  • By participating in other events and completing milestones
  • Completing the daily Quick Wins
  • Collecting the daily gifts in the shop

Once these tokens have been collected, players can use them to spin an event wheel that’ll contribute to their advancement in this special event.

How to Maximize Tokens

If you want to fully immerse yourself with the Hot Rod Partners event, it’s important to maximize token acquisition. Here are some strategies you can follow:

Participate in other ongoing events / tournaments  to secure additional tokens as you achieve milestones. Play more with friends and achieve more milestones

More Dice rolls can be accumulated through various methods including Monopoly Go free dice links. We update daily free Dice links for you. These links will grant you 25 dice daily.

Team Up and Conquer

To participate in Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partner, players must team up with four unique online individuals whether they’re your friends or not. While going into the event with people you know may help streamline coordination needed for success, the game is designed for everyone and offers many social features that allow you to interact with others at random

As you all join together and spin away, don’t forget about individual achievements. With exclusive rewards waiting, it’s clear that only those willing to push their limits will get them!

Points to note

Hot Road Partner Event brings excitement, competition and many useful rewards that will help every player in further gameplay! So buckle up your seat belts and put on your game face as this is just another step closer to reaching victory!

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