Monopoly GO Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards and Milestones

Scopely, Publisher of Monopoly Go once again initiated  Boardwalk Bonanza events after long time. Boardwalk Bonanza will be live for 48 hours till 12 June. In this article we will provide detailed information about event, rewards and Milestones. To earn rewards in Boardwalk Bonanza participants need to collect points by landing on certain tiles on … Read more

Monopoly GO Full Bloom Rewards and Milestones

Scopely reintroduced popular railroad event Full Bloom. Tycoons have a great chance to earn many rewards by completing Milestones in Full BLOOM. There is a chance of earning total 13845 Free dice for each participant. To earn all these dice you will need to complete all 50 Milestones. Participant will also earn hammer tokens for … Read more

Monopoly GO Parade Partners Rewards, Milestones and More

After Prize Drop, Scopely initiated Parade Partner Event. Like previous partner events tycoons need to partner with other players to accomplish game task. Parade Partner Event is started on 26 April which will last till April Month End. In this article we will provide detailed information about Monopoly Go’s Parade Partner event. To earn rewards … Read more

Monopoly Go Marble Trouble Rewards and Milestones

Scopely has released Marble Trouble event once again in Monopoly Go Game. Double Decker event is replaced by Marble Trouble and it will run for 2 days. In this article we will provide detailed information about Rewards and Milestones in Marble trouble event. Marble Trouble has 30 milestone rewards and many leaderboard rewards to claim. … Read more

Monopoly Go Sphinx Scramble Rewards and Milestones

Scopely has initiated new exciting event in the Monopoly Go called as Sphinx Scramble. Sphinx Scramble offer a variety of rewards ranging from 20 to 6500 free dice rolls. Like previous Monopoly Go events tycoons need to to participate and collect points and reach milestones to win different Milestone rewards. Free Fountain Partner Event Tokens … Read more

How to add Friends in Monopoly GO

Monopoly Go is like having the classic board game on your phone. In this game You can buy properties, make deals and become a real estate mogul. Welcome to the another article about Monopoly Go gameplay by In this article we will provide a detailed guide to add friends in Monopoly Go Game. But … Read more